Conservatory Gym


One of my favourite entertainment room conversions is one that I completed a few years ago now. The room itself was not an entertainment room within the same vein as a video game room or a cinema, but rather a home gym. The home gym was created in the conversion of a green house in the garden of the home itself, and ever since I have completed the conversion I have dreamt of having the same design within my own home. While it is not an original conversion, it has become one of my favourite conversions that I have ever completed within my career. There are some conversions that we complete that we personally consider to be either unnecessary or highly irregular, and this is one where everyone on the worksite agreed that they would love to have a conversion such as this within their own home.

The green house mainly housed flora and fauna that was from around the United Kingdom and certain items for around the world, but the home owners had already converted their loft and no longer had space to extend the home itself. They were also unable to maintain the amount of plants that they had within the greenhouse themselves. A lot of the flowers required certain temperatures and watering requirements, and many of them had large differences in requirements that eventually the plants couldn’t live together. A lot of the plants and flowers had died by the time the home owners had considered the conversion to begin with, so they had decided it would be best to go through the conversion rather than starting the collection from scratch.

The conservatory was made with fine glass, and it was constructed with great timber for support. The construction of the room itself was high quality, and the glass itself has been regularly cleaned, making it a great surrounding for a gym if you enjoy working out with nature. The main issues with the conversion itself was to ensure there were enough power supplies and space for the equipment itself, and a safer flooring rather than concrete for both the users of the gym and for the equipment itself. Dropping a metal or plastic dumbbell onto concrete will hurt the equipment itself, and it wouldn’t be worth the potential damage for the small amount of work to replace the concrete.

We decided to smash and rip out the concrete from the conservatory floor and replace it with a strong and thick padding that you could not only drop weights onto but could work out on without having to worry about back troubles or any equipment damages. Once this had been completed, we decided to pull out some of the floor boards and walls just above the flooring to add electrical wiring and install plugs into so the machines the home owner wanted to use could plug in. The home owner had 7 different machines and there was enough floor space to house them, but we had to add two sockets to ensure that all could turn on together.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post. The conservatory was a lot of fun to convert, and I would love to have on in my own home. I hope you get a chance to read the last few days blog posts, and some of the posts we will make in the future too!