Home cinema loft conversion!

A very common trend that is happening around the United Kingdom currently is the construction of home entertainment rooms within loft conversions. Specifically, the increasing trend of home entertainment systems in loft conversions are home cinemas. Home cinemas are an increasingly popular option within loft conversions because they can be relatively secluded away from the home, while also providing an easy access to sound and light proof rooms. Within a home, the home cinema needs to be as insulated as possible, since depending on the specifications of the room itself, it can get very loud and vibrate around the rest of the home. It also is imperative for the usability of the room itself to ensure that as little light leaks into the room as possible, and both can be achieved through the insulation section of the current process itself.

I have recently completed a loft conversion for a home owner to build a home cinema for them. The actual project itself was easy, since I have completed many of these before. For those who are unaware however, I wanted to go through the process of creating a home cinema. The actual construction and installation of a home cinema itself is simple, unless the loft itself was originally lopsided in construction. Even if the loft itself was built incorrectly, there are still workarounds in the form of a dormer loft conversion or even a mansard conversion that can correct the shape of the loft itself, making the original construction irrelevant.

The most important part of a home cinema loft conversion is to ensure that the room is correctly insulated both with sound and light. When you are first boarding the loft and constructing the hip to gable conversion, it is simple to insulate the loft to ensure that the room itself is soundproofed and light proofed. Making sure that the insulation is completed while constructing the hip to gable and making the room insulated in terms of heat really smooths the process altogether. Once the natural light is blocked out and the room is sound proofed within itself, it is time to install the features and additions into the home cinema.

The first thing to do once the room has been insulated in all levels is to install lighting fixtures within the room for the installation process. It will be difficult to install the projector, screen and the seats within the room. Installing the lighting fixtures within the floors (if requested) and the walls is easy if it is the first fixture you are installing, and it makes the rest of the conversion process simpler. Once you have the lighting fixtures installed, the light within the room will insure the installations and fixtures for the rest of the room will not be completed incorrectly.

After the fixtures and installations are complete, installing and placing the furniture that will be for the room will become much easier as you won’t be doing it in the dark! This is the easiest part of the process, as the construction itself is already completed. There isn’t much to say regarding the placement of the furniture, but once it is completed and the fixtures are installed, the loft conversion has been completed.

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