Basement Table Top Game Room!

There are so many different designs of home conversions for entertainment rooms that it is difficult to have a “default” or standard design. Since most lofts, basements and other rooms are so differently shaped and designed uniquely, it is much better to customise each conversion. Since home entertainment systems are also accessible for most rooms within a home except for a bathroom space, there isn’t a specific requirement for them to be placed in. There are also so many different types of home entertainment rooms that can differ from video game entertainment rooms to home cinemas with surround sound. Some even prefer a classic arcade style room or a room that is filled with table top games such as snooker or table football. That is why I think it would be cool to go into detail about some of the rooms I have had the opportunity to work on.

One of the first home entertainment rooms that I have ever created was a simple table top entertainment room. This room came with a basement conversion, and the sole design was for one of the home owners to have somewhere to play games such as snooker and ping pong with his friends. The actual job itself was relatively easy since the basement itself had already been constructed, so the conversion itself was mainly the redecoration of the basement itself. The entire process lacked construction within the basement itself, so the conversion became about creating the best design possible for the home entertainment room itself.

The most important aspect for me was to ensure the lighting within the basement matched the design that we had created. Lighting is very important inside of a room like a basement that has very little to no natural light, and this basement lacked any lighting or windows. So, we wanted to ensure that the lighting rig had been set up properly. The home owner wanted more of an underground bar theme for the design, so on top of the somewhat relaxing dimmed lighting, we thought that adding some lighting fixtures on the wall would be a great idea. One of the ways we did this was to purchase a customised neon light, which had the name of the home owner itself. We also added a few wall lamps that were powered electronically to give the room itself a bit more of a bar feel too.

I also personally thought that a few wall decorations like posters and a black and white chalk board would be a cool feature. The wall decorations were simple beer advertisements that you would see in the 1970’s and 1980’s, that were usually designed with a somewhat vintage colour and writing style. We also added a mock 1950’s cigarette poster that looked antique because it matched the vibe of the design within the room. I also added the chalk board so the home owner or any visitors could write any messages that they wanted on the wall to give it a more welcoming presence. With this, we made sure to add hardwood flooring rather than carpeting so that if the home owner or friends ever have a drink and spill it, it could easily be cleaned up rather than stained.

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